themed days & beginning the 52

So my dear friend & fellow blogger, Katie, at her site Runs for Cookies, introduced me to the concept of “themed blog posting days.” The basic concept is to post various themed writing for different days of the week. That way, if (when) I’m uncertain of what to write about, I can just say, “Oh it’s Tuesday, I should write about such and such!”

So I came up with my own themes and I’m going to introduce them to you now! Also, I might not stick to this 100% all the time. But it’s just fun to have something to refer back to for ideas.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Mondays will revolve around the mental health realm. Gotta love it! Just another manic Monday!

Tuesdays will sometimes be about tacos, but it will more so revolve around anything fitness, nutrition, low-FODMAP, health, weight, anything physical or food or whatever might seem appropriate for that genre in my bread, I mean head. Haha!

Wednesdays will center around anything “wellness” related, whether that be social, emotional, or heck, even organizational — because in my mind organizing things helps make me well. And my social work life would probably fall into this category as well.

I kinda love this one. It took me a hot second to come up with this day, but Thursdays are essentially a miscellaneous “catch-all” day. A day where anything goes, or perhaps I will have guest writers if there comes a day when someone wants to share something. Or perhaps some day someone has a question for me! Or maybe I will post inspiration articles or links to things that I like. Who knows. Thursdays is where these sorts of things belong.

Gotta love this day — Fridays are so fun! Haha. All things girlie: hair, make-up, jewelry, fashion, relationships, all that good stuff. The word fabulous kind of used to annoy me, which I find comical. I thought it was “too girlie” and cheesy and I dunno, now I just embrace it and love it. So yay for being fabulous!

One of my favorite things used to be sleeping in on Saturdays. Now I can’t really sleep past 7:00. But I love the fact that I can! And I love to laze around in bed and read books, and watch movies and TV shows, and listen to great podcasts. So Saturdays are dedicated to those topics.

Last but certainly not least, my faith and relationship with God falls to Sundays. I think that makes sense, don’t you? I will write about my thoughts, questions, love-affair with God, and yes, doubts too. I’ll be as real and honest as I can.

So there you have it! My themed days! And as today is “Throw-It-Out-There Thursday” — I want to share with you the beginnings of the 52 in 52! Last night I had dinner with some great friends (shout out to Liz & Kevin!) and stuck to my two drink limit, so that was good. But wait! There’s more.

I also started today with a #makeupfreeface — and there’s photographic evidence to prove it!

And after scouring the internet, and not wanting to spend much/any money, I found the best way (for me) to organize my nail polish. I used an old jewelry organizer that I had laying around that I wasn’t using. I laid out my nail polish in ROYGBIV fashion, and then snaked them, row-by-row, to give a pretty nice looking effect! Here’s the proof hanging on the back of my bedroom door! Snazzy is the descriptor I would use. Perhaps I will put some cotton balls or q-tips or something in those larger bottom pockets. Or even nail clippers, files, or heck, even put some nail polish remover into little travel containers, haha! The possibilities are endless. Welcome to my at home salon and day spa!

I am excited that the 52 in 52 has begun and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes me! Hope you follow along and enjoy the journey. There’s still time to make a list for yourself, too!

Until next time, love to you my friends,
emily alma

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  1. Woah great start! The nail polishes look great and given me an idea for when I tackle our wardrobe, one of my 52s.

    I contemplated the themed days but had to accept I’m just not that likely to be consistent. Not with a young bub and no guarantees of when I can snatch time in front of the pc.

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