I’ve taken the official Myer’s Briggs personality test twice and was an INFJ both times. That was in college. But I’ve taken the unofficial one since then and was an ENFJ. Can one’s personality change? Is it possible that I switched from introvert to an extrovert somehow? Or am I some sort of ambivert? I would love to one day take the official test again to find out. Because I honestly think I am an extrovert now. I love being with people. Even when I’m “alone,” I like to be alone with people, if that makes any sense. Haha. Regardless, here are my “social” challenges.


meet my (currently) unborn niece.

send out a group of holiday cards.

host a dinner party.

mail 10 birthday cards.

create a proper address book.

write my family tree.

write John’s family tree.

go on a father-daughter date.

go on a mother-daughter date.

create a “date-night-jar.”

pay for a stranger’s coffee.

go on a thrift store date with John.