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Have you ever heard of choosing one word as an “intention” or purpose word of the year? I’ve heard people mention it these past few years, but I’ve never jumped on board myself. Yesterday, I wrapped up reading “Savor” by Shauna Niequist — a daily devotional that was and is absolutely amazing. All of her books are absolutely incredible and I highly recommend them. As I read the last day’s text, I reflected on how the word “savor” is such a powerful word and instruction. It commands us to enjoy each and every aspect of life. As I thought back to the trials and joys of 2017, I wish I had thought to make savor my word. Looking forward, I began to ponder my new devotional for this year and I am indeed taking the hint this year.

“You Are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living” — my devotional choice for 2018. It was gifted to me by my Mom and the first post was inspiring. But what I love most is the word “beloved.” That is my word choice for 2018 — “beloved.” Quoting Merriam Webster, beloved means: dearly loved and dear to the heart.

That is something I have struggled with and continue to struggle with: feeling loved. I have a few internal lies that continue to run through my head like songs that get stuck and never seem to leave you…only these internal lies kinda kill my soul. One lie that I constantly tell myself is that I am unloved and unlovable.

This year, 2018, is the year of “beloved.” I am claiming it.


Looking forward to this new year, I always like to make goals. In the past I have made categorical goals and I often do quite well with them. I achieved almost all of my 2017 goals, so that was pretty exciting! But I don’t want to overwhelm myself this year, so I am limiting myself to three goals.

>> 1. Read more. Keeping in mind my last post, I have a long way to go in working towards reading those 100 books and I want to get started!! I also want to keep track of them on GoodReads. Then I won’t forget my thoughts on them.

>> 2. Move more. One of my 2017 goals was to reach my goal weight (that had been on my goal list since I gained the weight in 2007…) and now that I’ve reached my goal weight, I want to gain some strength & muscle tone!! I want to move my body, spend some time outside, and better myself (and take advantage of my aaptiv app that I aapsolutely love — haha!).

>> 3. Save more. I need to budget. I need to spend less and save more. I want to pay down my debt, be wiser with my wallet, and be a good steward of the gifts I have been given.

I realize it’s important to set goals with concrete and measurable indicators. I will work on those in the coming days, I promise. But at least I’ve got something to start with!

Until tomorrow,
love to you my friends,
emily alma


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