fifty-two in fifty-two

fifty-two tasks in fifty-two weeks! That is my new thing. Huzzah!

So I know I just wrote last night that I didn’t want to overwhelm myself…but then today I read someone’s comment online how every year they write a list of fifty-two tasks, challenges, goals, or things to accomplish in one year, i.e. fifty-two in fifty-two. And a new vision was born for 2018. Anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge.

In the past I have done the 101 Goals in 1001 Days and I was quite successful at that. But 1001 Days was a bit too long for me. And I like the idea of one calendar year being my time-frame. So today I sat down, hit play on Netflix, and drummed up a list of 52 things to work on this year! Here goes!! Feel free to join me on my journey, follow along, and/or create your own list!

emily alma


<food related> (8)

make sangria.

make cardamom bread.

try three new recipes.

learn to make decent pour over coffee.

go on a picnic.

eat fondue.

find a favorite recipe for overnight oats.

limit alcoholic beverages to two drinks per sitting.


<creative> (7)

throw pots with dad.

paint a mini with John.

sew two projects.

complete one woven tapestry.

learn the Chattanooga Choo Choo on piano.

write 30 blog posts.

make a bookmark with pressed flowers.


<movement & travel> (6)

bike all or part of the Kal-Haven trail.

go camping.

take a trip.

go to a drive-in movie.

play tennis.

go on a hike.


<brainy> (5)

read in my hammock 3x.

read 30 books from the list.

go to a museum.

earn 30 CEUs for social work license.

read Cinderella in English/Spanish side-by-side book.


<social> (12)

meet my (currently) unborn niece.

send out a group of holiday cards.

host a dinner party.

mail 10 birthday cards.

create a proper address book.

write my family tree.

write John’s family tree.

go on a father-daughter date.

go on a mother-daughter date.

create a “date-night-jar.”

pay for a stranger’s coffee.

go on a thrift store date with John.


<financial> (5)

pay off my credit card.

create & utilize a budget.

donate $1 for every task I don’t complete.

tip 50% or more for a service provided.

save $1000 emergency fund.


<miscellaneous> (8)

complete a puzzle.

organize my bathroom closet.

invest in return address labels.

complete 12 make-up free days.

complete 12 social media-free days.

deliver a surprise gift (in person/via mail).

whiten my teeth.

take 12 “me-time” baths.

organize my nail polish.

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    1. Haha — yay! I’m glad you like it. I really enjoyed writing it too. Can’t wait to start checking them off!

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