cinnamon spice lattes & then some

embracing my feminine side — wearing makeup, Premier Designs jewelry, and a dress — nestled up next to my love.

Continuing that conversation of choosing joy, I sit here with my cinnamon spice latte and Amos Lee on my pandora station and not only am I happy, I am joyful. Sure, life can be pretty annoying sometimes. Take for instance when my client last week berated me for a good half hour because his apartment complex did not provide a key for him quick enough when he had requested a replacement. Oh the injustice! #life Haha.

But really, life can be pretty great. It can have its sweet and delightful moments. Since this blog is new to me and perhaps you as a reader do not know me at all, I want to share some things that bring me both joy and happiness!

>>Cinnamon spice lattes with soy milk from Biggby. I worked at Biggby for a summer. After I graduated from grad school with my masters in social work, I had to find work lickety split because I knew student loans weren’t going to pay themselves. And thus: Biggby! I got to experiment and try all sorts of drinks. Not being much of a tea drinker, it was kind of unusual that I fell in love with it, but being that it was the a tea latte: tea and steamed milk, it was a bit sweeter and creamier. Mmm…oh so good (and no, I am not getting paid for this, bahaha!).

>>A good quality book. Also beside me as I write this from the Biggby down the street are a handful of books and my Kindle full of many more that I have yet to explore. I love to read. I love to escape into worlds unknown, or topics left to be discovered. Whether it be the true stories of someone’s life, the fictional tales created in someone’s mind, advice about life from a wise sage, or knowledge for knowledge’s sake: I love to read. Words entrance me. I am a gypsy of the page. I get lost and can be hard to be found again. It’s a love affair that I will never recover from.

>>Nature, hiking, camping, campfires, grassy knolls, sandy beaches, streams, lakes, mountains: I swear I am kinfolk to Cheryl Strayed and Wild is in my blood. I may not be an “uber-wilderness-girl” — but I surely do love being outside. Get me some fresh air and I’m good.

>>Sleeping bags are my home. Is that weird? Was I a caterpillar in a former life aching to be in its cocoon? Perhaps…

>>This is something I’m more recently discovering about myself, was perhaps a bit embarrassed about for a while, but am learning to embrace: my feminine side. As a youth, I was a total tom-boy. All my neighbor friends were boys — so I was just “one-of-the-guys.” Even in middle and high school, I was always just a friend to everyone. But more recently, I am wearing a bit more makeup, occasionally donning a dress or skirt, and wearing a lot of jewelry. I even worked for Premier Designs and sold jewelry for a while (and consequently have a lot of jewelry in my collection…like a lot). It’s been kind of fun — not gonna lie. So there’s that.

That’s just a snapshot of what brings me joy and happiness. There is much much more where that came from. Honestly, what brings me the most joy and happiness in my life are the people and relationships that I have. I treasure my friends and family and loved ones dearly. I hold them close. But if I were to even begin to write about that topic, it would be a novel of a post, and well, it’s about time I start wrapping up the night and getting ready for bed. Haha. Thanks for reading. Until next time.

love to you my friends,
emily alma